2 Chainz Makes Fun Of Groupie In Viral Video, Twitter Has A Laugh

2 Chainz doesn’t want any unauthorized groupies hanging around backstage. If you plan to hang out with the rapper, then prepare yourself for the worst.

A viral video making the rounds this week showed 2 Chainz having some fun at a rumored hip hop groupie’s expense. After sneaking backstage, the rapper and his entourage spent a few minutes making fun of a girl named Tina. Unfortunately for her, the whole thing was hilariously captured on video. It didn’t take long for someone to post the clip on YouTube.

According to the Michigan Chronicle, the situation started after the aforementioned woman made her way backstage to hang with 2 Chainz and his friends. Unfortunately for Tina, she was apparently mistaken for another girl with the same name. Hilarity ensued, though she’s probably not smiling about the attention she’s receiving right now.

HipHollywood explains that Tina was simply standing around with 2 Chainz and the crew when someone noticed she was there. That’s when the rapper dropped a line that she may have a difficult time living down.

“Is this yo THOT?” he asks his friend after someone realizes that a known hip hop groupie managed to sneak backstage.

If the term “THOT” is unfamiliar to you, then we need to take a look at this handy definition provided by Urban Dictionary. According to the website, a THOT is a hoe, whore, or a slut. Folks who are referring to more than one frequently use the plural term THOTTIES. Please don’t say that The Inquisitr never taught you anything.

However, Mstars is reporting that 2 Chainz may not have the last laugh in this situation. The website claims Tina is threatening to sue the rapper over the viral video. She was reportedly forced to reset her Instagram account since so many people were leaving nasty comments on her photos.

“For the record I’m not a thot, I reset my account because I had family on it. Tauheed Epps aka 2 chainz you will definitely be hearing from my lawyer,” she wrote.

Tina added, “What you did to me was not right you lanky lizard.”

Check out some Twitter reactions to the THOT viral video below.

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[Image via BET]