BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Windows Phone This Summer

BlackBerry is planning to release a Windows Phone-compatible version of its once-iconic BlackBerry Messenger for the Windows Phone Operating System.

The Canadian smartphone maker is gearing up to launch the Windows Phone OS compatible version in the Second Quarter of this year. If the planned launch gets successfully underway, BBM could very well become an effectively deployed cross–platform messaging service for a company that once prided on offering exclusive services.

BlackBerry is planning a big launch CEO John Chen confirmed to the media. Though the announcement of BBM for Windows Phone OS did take place earlier in February, the time–frame wasn’t finalized. John has since confirmed that the BlackBerry Messenger will be available between April and June of this year.

The BBM version for Windows Phone OS will have all the standard features like BBM Chat, Personalization, BBM Groups, BBM Channels, BBM Voice, One Click sharing as well as a new set of emoticons.

BBM will be made available via two methods. As is the norm, BBM will be official released as an app on the Windows Phone Store. Additionally, newer phones from Nokia’s assembly line will come pre-installed with the messenger. In fact, Nokia’s new smartphone line–up, referred to as Nokia X, already has BBM pre-loaded. However, Nokia X devices run on ASOP (a stripped down custom Android version).

BlackBerry was once, and perhaps still is, one of the most trusted names in smartphones. Its encryption and services like BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) are still considered highly safe. The company is also considered pioneer of the Push Mail services wherein its servers reportedly pinged mailing platforms every 15 seconds!

BBM’s launch for the iOS and Android platforms last October was nothing short of euphoric, with 10 Million downloads taking place within 24 hours. BlackBerry confirmed that it had added 20 Million new users within a week of the messenger’s roll out for the other OSes. Overall, BlackBerry claims BBM platform has over 80 Million Monthly Active Users. Since the launch, BlackBerry Messenger has added 5 Million users reported TechCrunch.

BlackBerry Messenger has clearly undergone steady improvement. BBM now has “stickers,” the ability to send large attachments and send photos in multi–person chat sessions. BlackBerry appears to have listened to its iOS and Android users to incorporate these improvements.

Despite the commitment, BlackBerry’s messenger will have to compete with relatively newer, but crazily adopted platforms like WhatsApp. Will a strong legacy help BlackBerry this time?

[Image Credit | gadgetimages]