BlackBerry Messenger 7 Delivers Wi-Fi Calls

Research in Motion has updated BlackBerry Messenger 7 to include free Wi-Fi calling from one BBM users to another. Known as BBM Voice, the platform does not require a mobile network connection, which could benefit customers in “mobile black holes” where a smartphone can not be connected to voice data services.

The BBM 7 platform also includes the ability to send messages between users while remaining in voice chat mode at the same time.

BlackBerry Messenger has also be updated to offer better future support. For example, the app will now tell users when updates are available, and it provides BlackBerry ID synchronization of profiles and contacts.

For chatty users, BlackBerry Messenger 7 also includes 16 new emoticons which are stacked on top of already available options.

RIM warns users that it can take 24 hours for new app features to appear in the BlackBerry App World.

In the meantime, BlackBerry Messenger 7 is a welcomed addition to RIM’s arsenal as it prepares for a BlackBerry 10 OS launch on January 30. RIM stock is trading up for the first time in months on news that reviewers actually find value in the BB10 OS.

RIM has not yet revealed details regarding specs on its BlackBerry 10 based devices, and much of the company’s plans heading into 2013 are also shrouded in mystery.

Research in Motion has watched its stock rebound, but the company is still on the brink of collapse as many IT departments and government agencies direct their attention towards Google Android and Apple iOS based devices that consumers are now demanding for their professional lives.