March 30, 2014
Dad Beats Up Teenage Boy He Caught In the Shower with His 16-Year-Old Stepdaughter: Charged With Battery and Cruelty

If you came home to find your 16-year-old stepdaughter in the shower with her boyfriend, what would you do? Not sure? Well, here's what one Georgia man did! After coming home to find his stepdaughter wasn't alone - and had just finished showering with her still nude boyfriend, also 16 - he was absolutely furious; so furious that he decided to reprimand the teenage boy himself.

He stalked past his stepdaughter, and rushed the boy, throwing him against the wall. He delivered a series of powerful blows to the boy's face and chest while his devastated daughter witnessed it all. It's probably safe to say he made his sentiments known. However, the boy's mother claims his actions could be better described as assault.

According to the CBS Atlanta, the Athens-Clarke County Police Department arrested Clinton Antonio Ward and charged him battery. But, that's not all. He also facing first and third degree cruelty to children. The publication reports that the first degree charge was for "maliciously causing a child under the age of 18 cruel, excessive or mental pain." The third degree charge was due to the fact that his stepdaughter witnessed the unfortunate incident.

11 Alive reports that Ward called 911 after the physical altercation. When police arrived, he and his daughter gave similar accounts of the incident. She also stated that Ward wasn't home when she and her boyfriend initially went into the bathroom to shower. However, she didn't deny their actions at all. Ward also admitted to punching the boy.

The boy's mother opted to press charges against Ward. But, hopefully his mother does see that both parties were at fault. The charges insinuate that Ward was undeniably wrong for his actions. But, weren't the teenagers wrong, as well? The question is exactly why Ward's situation has caused controversy.

The 49-year-old man's incident has sparked the attention of the media due to the nature of his situation. In the light of the press coverage that followed a similar situation where a Texas man killed a teenage boy who snuck into his home, many find Ward's charges debatable. As a matter of fact, the nature of his charges almost makes it seem as though the teenagers' behavior is justifiable.

"Isn't this what's wrong with today's youth? Why is it not wrong for the 16 yo's to be in the shower together," a user with the screen name "wahm2006" said via Online Athens. "Granted I don't know if hitting the teen was the right way to go about things but where is their punishment...oh wait it's her getting pregnant and leaving the child for the parents to raise. I'm still not seeing the punishment for the kids here?!?!? If my son was caught in the shower with his girlfriend and her dad did this to him I would say it's the sons fault he's been taught better, especially at age 16!"
However, there are others who feel that Ward was totally wrong for hitting the boy at all.
"Clinton is a big man in his own little mind. I hope he gets the maximum," said another user with the screen name Oistrakh.
They were in his home together without his consent. The nature of the teenage boy's visit definitely would have been prohibited in any other situation. So, why does it seem that his actions are being overshadowed because of Ward's arrest. The teenagers probably weren't even suppose to be in the home alone to begin with.

Although Ward did hit the boy and faces charges for his actions, do you feel he went to far? Yes or No.

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