‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Blunders NHL Question

If there is a television game show that can prove how smart or dumb someone is, it is definitely Jeopardy. However, Jeopardy can be very hard, which may lead to some of the most awkward, hilarious, or idiotic moments seen on any game show.

For contestant Joe, his moment of awkwardness, hilarity,and idiocy came in this week’s show, when he horribly blundered an NHL description, by giving a basketball answer (In the form of a question of course!).

According to Fox Sports, the clue to the the answer was: 100+ assists in an NHL seasons has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player. Joe said Magic Johnson, in which Alex Trebek, who is from Canada (a country that takes their hockey seriously), wasn’t impressed with Joe’s answer. This is probably one of the rare times Alex shows some disdain towards a contestant’s wrong answer. Usually, Alex would show some hosting professionalism with incorrect answers by saying, “That’s incorrect,” or a simple “no”. However, Alex responded like this:

“Oh no…”

Seriously, that shows a bit of disdain on Alex’s behalf. Just the singular word in front made it a response with personal feeling. But to Joe’s defense, he probably misread NHL for NBA. I know that can be somewhat of a long shot, but it does make sense. He even explained why he blundered on Reddit.

And for the record, the answer to the clue was: Who is Wayne Gretzky?

Yahoo Sports took a very interesting approach to the question. According to their article, the people behind Jeopardy know their contestants consist of the intelligent, well-read, and trivia-savvy. It is rare to see in-depth sports questions on regular shows, in which they usually show more during college week.

So the people behind the show will make sure certain sports questions are begging for an obvious answer, except for baseball and tennis. The common norm of contestants will usually default to the common answers. For hockey, the answer will most likely be Wayne Gretzky. If a hockey question doesn’t have the answer of Wayne Gretzky, the clue is very obvious. For example, one such question was, “In 2000, an expansion team known as the Minnesota Wild joined this professional sports league.”

Apparently, nobody knew the answer. Not even during college week. Ergo, the article asks Alex Trebek to have no more hockey questions.

Nevertheless, Jeopardy is still in the news about Arthur Chu, the contestant who supposedly hijacked the system to win 11 straight victories in a row. Along with Arthur’s tactical streak, there are plenty of other memorable events that happened on the Jeopardy. One such moment came when the following clue was given:

“The term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.”

Don’t worry. My answer was probably the same as yours. If you want to see the event, check out the video link right here.

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