Hulk Hogan Robbed, $5,500 Shoe Taken From Shop

A shoe, worn and autographed by legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, was stolen from his store in Clearwater, Florida.

According to the Daily Mail, the shoe was stolen by a “heavyset” woman. She got her hands on an autographed wrestling shoe, once worn by Hulk Hogan, worth $5,500. By what the report states, the woman and three of her friends visited Hogan’s beach shop on a late Sunday afternoon at about 5:20 p.m., and took the shoe while the staff were distracted.

USA Today, included more details about the incident. The four women are possibly from Michigan on spring break. They actually came in four minutes prior to the theft at 5:16, and the distraction used was the falling over of a statue of Hogan outside the premises.

What is really bad is employees did not know the show was missing until two days later, Tuesday evening.

The theft was probably done, not because the ladies were fans of Hulk Hogan, but because of his significance in the WWE. Hulk Hogan was recently announced to return to wrestling as the host of Wrestlemania XXX, after a six year absence. He appeared on the after-show, RAW Backstage Pass last month, and on a past episode of Monday Night RAW to promote the Andre The Giant Over-The-Top-Rop Battle Royale.

Prior to his return to WWE, Hogan had a stint on TNA supposedly helping with the company’s direction, in hopes of becoming more competitive against the WWE. Unfortunately, it was considered one of the worse times of his career.

As for the missing wrestling shoe worth $5,500, Hulk Hogan hasn’t made any statements about it. Right now, local police are hunting for the shoe. They probably were planning on selling it at a high price through auction. With the news about Hogan’s shoe missing, it is probably best to simply return it back to Hulk Hogan himself.

hulk loses a shoe

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