Pennsylvania Woman Tries To Cut Off Husband’s Penis With Box Cutters

A Pennsylvania woman who tried to cut off her estranged husband’s penis with a box cutter. has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault and marijuana possession.

The suspect, 29-year-old Lisa Jones-Orock from Ellwood City, originally claimed that her husband, Gerald Lee Orock Jr, aged 56, had attacked her with a knife at around 9 pm on the night of the incident. When police arrived at the scene of the disturbance, the suspect was found with blood on her face and a cut to her right hand.

Following allegations from Mr. Orock Jr that his wife had tried to sever his penis with a box cutter, the police searched the residence in the 900 block of Sankey Street and found blood on the floor and a blue box cutter next to the sofa.

Mr Orock Jr had cuts on the crotch area of his pants as well as what appeared to be defensive wounds on his left forearm and fingers. According to police records this is not the first altercation between the couple.

Back in 2013, Jones-Orock pressed harassment charges against her husband, but according to the Ellwood City Ledger those charges we later dropped. In this case the suspect was charged by police with simple assault, aggravated assault, harassment and marijuana possession.

Nevertheless, Jones-Orock already had a protection order in place against her husband stemming from an incident back in December 2011 when Mr Orock Jr allegedly punched his wife.

It appears from the pictures taken at the scene of the couple’s latest argument that the suspect’s attempt to sever her husbands penis was half-hearted, and while his pants show some obvious gash marks, it doesn’t appear that Jones-Orock actually came that close to cutting the man’s penis with the box cutter.

The suspect is being held at the Lawrence County Jail on $5,000 bond. Her husband has been placed at the same facility.