L’Wren Scott Suffered Millions In Business Losses In Past 3 Years, Report Says

L’Wren Scott, the red carpet fashion designer who was found dead Monday morning in an apparent suicide, was head over heels in debt with her business, LS Fashions Ltd., and the red ink was only growing deeper, according to documents cited by two news organizations. Close friends of the 6’3? designer to the stars now say that she had been acting strangely in recent days and, according to one report, had “harmed herself” in a an incident about a month ago.

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, the romantic partner of L’Wren Scott for the past decade, was said to be “completely shocked and devastated” by the death of the woman whom, in a message on his personal online site Tuesday, he called “my lover and best friend.”

With Jagger also described as suffering an emotional wound “beyond belief,” the Rolling Stones canceled the remaining shows on their current tour of Australia an New Zealand, as their singer attempts to cope with the suicide of L’Wren Scott.

Her body was found at 10:05 Monday morning in her luxury apartment on the eighth floor of a building at 200 11th Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances to investigate in connection with the L’Wren Scott suicide.

She used both a necktie around her neck and a scarf tied to a door handle to choke herself to death, according to a report in The New York Post.

“She must have figured that if the scarf wasn’t long enough or something, then the necktie would choke her out,” the Post quoted an anonymous source as saying. “She clearly wanted to do the job right.”

Though Scott was a regular poster on the social media site Instagram, her account — now deactivated following her death — went mostly silent over the past month or so. One of her final messages took a tone that seems ominous in retrospect.

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of life,” she wrote.

On his site Jagger said he was “struggling to understand” why L’Wren Scott may have taken her own life.

L’Wren Scott cancelled a fashion show scheduled for London Fashion Week in January, which at the time she blamed on a late shipment of fabrics. But according to reports, the real reason may have been the desperate financial condition of her company.

While L’Wren Scott, who was 49 at the time of her death, is said to have refused any financial assistance from the 70-year-old Mick Jagger, whose own net worth is estimated at $305 million, her company ran a deficit of $5,889,548 and owed its creditors even more than that — $7,641,000.

The losses were piling up, as well, with LS Fashion adding new debt every year, according to the records.

“She was so crushed by what had happened, and wanted to make things right for everyone,” a source told Fox News, speaking about the recent condition of L’Wren Scott. “Also losing face in an industry she was so respected in was so hard for her to comprehend.”

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