Obamacare Delay A Political Ploy By Democrats For The 2014 Elections, Say Zeke Emanuel

Is the Obamacare delay just a political ploy by President Obama and the Democrats to ensure they have a better chance during the 2014 mid-term elections?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when the first Obamacare delay was announced in 2013 Republican also said Democrats were playing politics with the Affordable Care Act. But just this past week Senator Harry Reid said any Americans criticizing Obamacare were all liars.

The latest Obamacare delay is focused on making sure that Americans can keep their existing health care plans for at least one more year. The original deadline was apparently going to expire shortly before voters would go to the booths during the 2014 mid-term election. It's claimed Democrats feared this fact would be too much of a reminder for why they should be upset with an politician who previously advocated the passing of the Affordable Care Act bill.

Among those who agree with interpretation is Zeke Emanuel, who is one of the architects behind the health care law. He disagrees with all of the Obamacare delays and also says it's all about playing politics:

"Policy-wise, it's probably a toss-up. I actually think what the White House is doing is to say, 'Look, there's a lot of unrest about it. It's distracting. If we extend it, it really doesn't have that big an effect.' They think, 'well, for the political gain, it's worth it to do that. And it certainly isn't a big deal. I keep saying — you know, they seem to be very strategic at the White House — do some of these things that are good politically but really don't affect the underlying policy — that defend the underlying policy. Like, no chance, no way are we going to roll back the individual mandate or anything like that. And so I think that's part of the strategy."
Of course, Democrats claim the same in reverse and point out how House Republicans have continually tried to defund Obamacare despite there being no hope of any such bill passing the Senate, never mind the veto of President Obama. The latest effort is an attempt to delay the Obamacare penalty for at least one year, which probably will have popular support.

Who do you think is playing political games with the Obamacare delay; Democrats or Republicans? Or should they all be equally blamed for the mess created by the Affordable Care Act?