Ukraine’s United Nations Ambassador Vows: ‘We Will Succeed’, As Russia Escalates Tensions

As tensions escalate in his country, the Ukarine’s Ambassador to the United Nations is vowing: “We will succeed”, while Russia attempts to take over the region of Crimea.

In an interview with Fox News Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev said that “there is a threat of war” and demanded the Russian occupation of Crimea end immediately.

Even though Russian forces streamed their way into key Ukrainian region, Sergeyev says his nation will not bow to the occupiers and asked for help from the international community “to speak to Putin and the Russian leadership to cool them down” accusing the Russian President of breaking international rule of law.

“They violated all the principles of the United Nations, the principles of the Security Council — that is why they have to answer the world about what they are doing,” the diplomat said.

Sergeyev addressed the United Nations Security Council on Saturday, but his pleas for help seemed to fall on deaf ears since Russia has veto power and would never allow a resolution against their country to pass.

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin for his part, dismissed his Ukrainian counterpart’s accusations and instead blamed the West for stirring up anti-Russian feelings that led to the crisis, according to Fox News.

Reports that the Russians have taken over the television station and airport in Crimea, after the Russian flag was raised over the local government’s headquarters, are troubling to the United Nations Ambassador who says that the Russians want to control not only Crimea, but Eastern Ukraine.

The recent developments come only a few days after the world saw a smiling Vladimir Putin host a successful Sochi Winter Olympic Games last month, the closing ceremony took place on February 23.


While the Games were still going on, tensions were already at an all time high and the world was shocked by the images coming out of the city of Kiev, when anti-government protesters took to the streets.

The United Nations Ambassador talked about the prospect of war:

“I am trying to pray and to not even think about that but we have to be prepared for what happens. We are preparing to defend ourselves. We are preparing to defend ourselves with the help of our partners, so the strong message is resounded in Europe and the United States.”

Vladimir Putin is trying to justify the use of force in the region by saying Russia is trying to protect the Russian population in Cremia, which the United Nations Ambassador claims is just an excuse and adds the people in the area are trying to avoid conflict at all costs by not provoking the Russian forces.