December 16, 2016
Pizza Hut Manager Caught On Camera Peeing In Kitchen Sink

When you order a pizza you expect to get the usual ingredients: pepperoni, sausage, cheese, etc. You do not, however, want to get this extra special ingredient from a West Virginia Pizza Hut... pee!

Yes, you read right. A manager, of all people, was caught on a surveillance video peeing in the restaurant's kitchen sink! The manager, or should we say "former" manager, was seen on the video walking to the sink, unbuttoning his pants, and then urinating. This is the same sink that the employees use to wash their utensils! Can you say DISGUSTING?

Needless to say, the Pizza Hut officials are extremely embarrassed over the video, which has now gone viral.

"First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual," Pizza Hut said in a statement. "Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved."

The video was taken during non-business hours, and Pizza Hut says that no food was tampered with. "We follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia, and those in our system who have been let down by this situation," the statement continued.

Spokesman Doug Terfehr revealed that the restaurant was closed on Tuesday, and will not re-open until it passes all inspections by the local health department.

This is not the first, and I am sure it will not be the last, news of something unsanitary happening within restaurants. Most recently, an employee at KFC was caught licking the mashed potatoes. So, should we, as consumers, be worried that these instances are going to continue to increase?

Public relations guru Peter Himler says no. "It may be that local media tends to gravitate to this kind of sensationalistic story involving big-named fast food establishments," Himler said. He explained that Pizza Hut needs "to make a forceful case that this is an isolated incident that does not reflect on the company's culture or workplace procedures."

Himler also said that he doesn't believe this "isolated incident" will pose a major threat to local Pizza Huts. "I doubt this will have a long-term negative affect on Pizza Hut's reputation," he said. "Blaring headlines today usually fade quickly into the rear view mirror by tomorrow."

Even so, citizens in the town of Kermit are weary about visiting the restaurant. "I just don't trust anybody after it happened once, plain and simple," said Ricky Brewer, a Kermit resident. "I would never go there and eat," Blanche Ferris, another resident, said. "Even if I did, the thought would run through my mind."

Check out the surveillance video below:

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