World's Most Senior Tattooed Woman

Meet Isobel Varley, the Guiness Worls Record Book Holder for the Worlds Most Senior Tattooed Woman. Every centimetre of her body is tattooed, including her *ahems* you know what I mean. She is not your ordinary Grandma.

The tattoos are on her genitals, hnads feet, head neck and armpits. Imagine explaining that at Grandparents Day at elementary school.

You can read Isobel Varley's website which documents her personal history with the ink, but here are some of my favourite quotes:

In 2006 I decided that I would get the whole of my scalp completely covered. The most difficult aspect about this was that I had to have the whole my head completely shaved. When Paul set about tattooing the head I left the choice of subject to him but when I found that he was tattooingpenises all over the back of the head I couldn't believe it at first but I must admit I loved the work and asked him to continued with this theme over the whole head.

As I was going for complete coverage and Brent had only done a little work on and in the genital area, Alan tackled this area first. He covered every accessible spot on my vulva and around it and it was a mammoth task for us both due to the flexibility of the skin in this area but once started I was adamant that no spot should be left without pigment in it.

In May 2000, whilst in New York once again, I agreed to have some work done, this time from the well known artist, Spider Webb, who appropriately tattooed a spider, which he signed and dated in my left armpit.

She has penis tattoos on her head. And its not a pisstake. WTF doesn't seem adequate.


Via Tattoo Blog