Genesis Carmona Killed In Venezuela’s Protests, But Who Was The Shooter?

Genesis Carmona was a beauty queen known as Miss Tourism Carabobo 2013. She has since become a symbol for Venezuela’s protests against the social government once led by Hugo Chavez.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Venezuela’s protests resulted in the arrest of one of the opposition leaders named Leopoldo Lopez, who was accused by the socialist government of allegedly inciting violence during the protests that called for democratic reforms. President Nicolas Maduro says Lopze will face criminal charges.

“I said, ‘Send him to jail,’ and that’s what happened and that’s what will happen with all of the fascists. I won’t allow him to challenge the people of Venezuela, the constitution.”

Reports say Genesis Carmona was shot in the head during a political protest in the city of Valencia. Photographs show her being cradled in the arms of an unknown man after gunshots rang out during Tuesday’s protests. Using a motorcycle, she was rushed to a clinic but her wounds proved to be fatal.

Carmona’s family was in shock at the news:

“How long are we going to live like this? How long do we have to tolerate this pressure, with them killing us? She only needed one more semester to graduate.”

Some reports claim the death of Venezuela’s beauty queen was probably a supporter of the government since the shooter(s) opened fired on anti-government protesters in general. Unknown gunmen on motorcycles are said to have shot people with rubber bullets. But whether or not Carmona was hit by a real bullet is not clear in the reports although photos do not show the head wound.

Including Genesis Carmona, so far six people have died in Venezuela’s protests. Even pro-socialist government demonstrators were killed when a gunman opened fire on a crowd, killing one person and wounding four.