Kathleen Willey: ‘Hillary Clinton Is The War On Women’ [Video]

Kathleen Willey, who claims she was groped by then-President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, maintains that Hillary Clinton personifies the so-called war on women.

In short, Kathleen Willey is not a fan of "Slick Willie" or his spouse.

The war on women is a meme that Democrats have come up with to demonize Republican candidates, which was in part the result of idiotic comments made by certain misguided GOP officer-seekers about abortion, rape, and birth control. Many Republicans of both genders are also pro-life, which Democrats tend to interpret as anti-woman.

On the hand, given the vulgar comments that the left often makes about Sarah Palin (who recently celebrated her 50th birthday), Nikki Haley, and other politically conservative women, there may be a war on women waged by Democrats.

In several recent interviews, Kathleen Willey has questioned Hillary Clinton's feminist credentials, to say the least.

A review of archival material at the University of Arkansas from a Hillary Clinton confidant suggests the former First Lady and Secretary of State may have orchestrated a strategy for trying to discredit women who came forward about their sexual encounters with her husband, which back in the day were referred to as "bimbo eruptions."

The mainstream media, which is trying to pave the way for an expected Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run (even though the same media outlets abruptly abandoned her for fellow Democrat Barack Obama in 2008), seem to be of a mind that it's inappropriate to look into her background. Most big media outlets took the exact opposite approach when covering GOP candidates such as Palin, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, and many others.

In fact, the big media seems to be taking the position that she's such a shoo-in that why bother even having an election in 2016?

In an interview on FNC's The Kelly File, Kathleen Willey didn't mince words about in her view the relevance of Bill Clinton's behavior as it relates to Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton is the war on women, and... she should be exposed for all the terror campaings that she waged against the women who were in the wrong place at the wrong time with her husband … she enables him to do it because she realizes the power that he has, and she wants to ride on his coattails like she's done all along, and the easiest way for her to handle the scandals is to who ruin the women just happen to cross paths with him, and that's horrible.."

Added Kathleen Willey:

[I]f she is going to run on women's issues, like she says she is, and she's going to go accuse the Republicans of this war on women, I think she needs to be exposed for the war that she's waged against people like me. AI mean she has choreographed every single investigation and every terror campaign against every single woman practically who she thinks might be a problem. And that's how she handled it. How can you be a champion of women's rights and turn around and do what she's done to women like me? It just doesn't make sense."
After she was drawn into the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit and other Clinton investigations, Willey apparently believes that Clinton operatives were "behind a string of events that can only be described as a mob-style intimidation campaign to keep her silent that even included breaking into her home to steal her memoirs of the events."

In a radio interview, Kathleen Willey also raised questions about feminists groups who strongly support Hillary Clinton: "All of these women's groups, they're all pro-Hillary, they need to... talk to someone like me and listen here, what Hillary Clinton has done to me and many, many, many other women. They are so hypocritical, it's unbelievable. And this is the woman that wants to be president."

In addition to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, The Washington Examiner's Byron York explains that reporting on Hillary Clinton's past "is entirely consistent with practices in recent campaigns."

Continued York: "...Those voters need to know, for starters, that Mrs. Clinton once displayed incredible investment skills. In 1978 and 1979, when her husband was attorney general and then governor of Arkansas, she enlisted the help of a well-connected crony to invest $1,000 in the highly volatile and risky cattle futures market. Several months later, she walked away with $100,000 -- a 10,000-percent profit. Cynics thought the well-connected crony who executed the trades might have paid her the profits from good trades and absorbed the losses from bad ones, but Mrs. Clinton insisted that she developed her investing acumen by reading the Wall Street Journal. New voters also need to learn about Mrs. Clinton's checkered history as a lawyer and the game of hide-and-seek she played with federal prosecutors who subpoenaed her old billing records as part of the Whitewater investigation. After two years of defying subpoenas and not producing the records, she suddenly claimed that they had been in a closet in the White House residence all along. New voters also need to learn about Mrs. Clinton's purge of the White House travel office, which was done to steer business to another Clinton crony..."

Hillary Clinton was also investigated in connection with the FBI files scandal, a.k.a. Filegate, but a special prosecutor later exonerated her.

Is there a war on women, and if so, is Hillary Clinton part of it as Bill Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey contends?