Border Patrol Shooting: Fatal Incident Along San Diego Section Of US Border

A fatal US Border Patrol shooting occurred along the Otay Mountain Truck Trail near San Diego on Alta Road – southeast of Otay Reservoir. Deputies from the San Diego Sheriff's Office are currently responding to the US – Mexico border shooting. Law enforcement officers have confirmed that the shooting did involve a border patrol agent and that at least one person was killed. It is not currently known if any agents were injured.

It is not currently know what prompted the Border Patrol shooting. San Diego Sheriff's Deputies reportedly loaded into 4-wheelers to gain access to the scene. The US-Mexico border shooting occurred approximately 11 miles north of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, according to NBC.

KUSI News is now reporting that at least one US Border Patrol agent fired rounds which resulted in a suspect being fatally wounded. The US Border Patrol agent involved in the San Diego area incident reportedly fired at the suspect after being assaulted with a rock. The agent had been traversing very rugged terrain prior to the fatal shooting. According to Sheriff's Lt. Glenn Giannantonio, two agents were tracking a group of suspect illegal immigrants who had crossed the border prior to the shooting.

The two agents split up during their search as one moved into a position which would cut the group of illegal border crossers off and cause them to halt. The Border Patrol agents were approximately one-quarter of a mile apart and could not see one another when one of the illegal aliens threw a rock and hit one of the agents in the face. The US Border Patrol agent opened fire and killed his attacker, according to UT San Diego. It is not currently know if the rock thrower was part of the group of illegal immigrants being tracked by the Border Control agents.

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