Infant Formula Linked to Diabetes in Children

Apparently all infant formulas are not the same.

In a recent study published by the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition researchers found that the choice of infant formula may directly affect the chances of type 1 diabetes in children. Many parents wean their babies from breast milk to a formula. This study found that a hydrolyzed formula, which is broken down for easier digestion, led to a lower risk of the disease.

The study, lead by Dr. Mikael Knip of the University of Helsinki, examined infants carrying an HLA genotype, which puts them at risk for developing diabetes in their later years.

Upon examining the results, Knip and researchers found that children who underwent the transition from breastfeeding to the easily digestible hydrolyzed formula by their fifth birthday had reduced signs of diabetes by up to 50 percent in comparison to children who went from breastfeeding directly to foods such as cereals, fruit, or other types of formula.

As most available infant formulas have a base of harder to digest cow’s milk, it will be interesting to see what manufacturers will do with this new information.

via FoxNews