Vicki Kennedy Nominated By Obama For USPS Board Of Governors

Vicki Kennedy, widow of former Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, has been nominated to the board of governors for the United States Postal Service. Ted passed away in 2009 from brain cancer. Vicki is a well respected lawyer and has been involved in politics for a long time.

Her appointment to the board came as something of a surprise, although the Kennedy relationship to the Obama administration is nothing new. Ted was one of President Barack Obama’s loudest and most vocal supporters during his first election.

Many thought Vicki Kennedy would take her husband’s seat on the U.S. senate, but she was not interested in the position. Instead, she has spent her time running her late husband’s foundation, speaking to students, and doing philanthropic work.

The board of governors for the USPS is heavily involved with making all of the major decisions regarding the federal mail service. Decisions for postmaster general, policy changes, calendar planning, and spending are made by the board.

Obama’s nomination is not final. All members must first be approved by the Senate. Vicki Kennedy is expected to pass through to the bipartisan board. The current administration realizes that changes need to come within the USPS and Kennedy has a history of working well with others to get things done.

The USPS is facing a first fiscal quarter loss of $354 million and is likely to be unable to pay their retiree’s health benefits. Unable to turn a profit in 19 of the last 21 quarters, the USPS is under fire to get things under control. Everything has been suggested from Sunday shipping to cutting out Saturday shipping.

“The Postal Service is doing its part within the bounds of law to right-size the organization, and I am very proud of the achievements we have made to reduce costs while significantly growing our package business,” current Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in a USPS statement earlier this month. “We cannot return the organization to long-term financial stability without passage of comprehensive postal reform legislation.”

Vicki Kennedy and the rest of the board will be responsible for turning around the sinking financial ship that has become the USPS.

[Image via WikiMedia Commons]