Medical Examiner In Casey Anthony Case Can’t Determine Cause Of Death

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the Chief Medical Examiner in the Casey Anthony case took the stand on Monday and said the cause of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony’s death was homicide, however she also admitted that the exact cause of that homicide could not be determined at this time.

In the trial Dr. Garavaglia said:

“It’s very difficult, when the body is that decomposed, to say why they died.”

She went on to add that there were no “noticeable trauma” to Caylee’s bones, however there may have been tissue trauma.

In determining that the young girls death was a homicide that conclusion was reached because she was reported as missing when an accidental death such as a drowning would have been reports and her body was also hidden, plus duct tape was applied to Caylee’s face.

Continuing with her findings Dr. Garavaglia said children can die from chloroform overdoses and traces of that chemical were found in Casey Anthony’s car.