Algeria Plane Crash: 103 Dead Aboard Military C-130 Aircraft

An Algeria plane crash left 103 people dead on Tuesday aboard a military transport. The Hercules C-130 was carrying 99 passengers, all military personnel and family member, to the city of Constantine. Four crew members aboard also lost their lives in the fatal accident.

Originating from the southern Tamanrasset province of Algeria, the plane crash occurred in the mountainous area of Oum al-Bouaghi province. Colonel Lahmadi Bouguern reported that treacherous weather conditions, mostly high winds, were to blame for the tragic incident. Just 300 miles from the capital city of Aligiers, it is still unclear whether there was any other damage caused by the plane crash.

The Hercules C-130 is a American made aircraft by Lockheed Martin. No malfunctions or concerns with the aircraft are being reported at this time. Officials lost radio contact before the wreck occurred in the mountains of Oum al-Bouaghi. Some local witnesses claim the plane may have brushed one of the mountains. A source close to the incident claimed, “there were no survivors.”

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The Algeria plane crash is the worst incident in the north African country since 2003. At that time an Air Algerie Boeing 737 never made it beyond the runway from a Tamanrasset airport. 103 people were aboard the passenger plane, though one person did survive that accident.

Another military aircraft, a cargo plane, crashed in November of 2012. That plane was returning home to Algeria from France with five military personnel and one national bank employee on board. All six passengers died in that crash as well.

Investigators will be looking into what exactly happened in the mountains, although it will take days to sort through the wreckage. More details concerning the Algeria military plane crash will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.