Ann Coulter ‘Tight Lipped’ on Piers Morgan Tonight [Video]

The usually outspoken syndicated columnist Ann Coulter was surprisingly tight lipped last night when Piers Morgan questioned her about her personal life on his show.

“Engaged three times. You’re 50 in December, are you?” Asked the CNN show’s host Morgan.

“Don’t talk about either engagements, Social Security number, age or anything else,” Coulter responded.

When asked about a rumor claiming the self described ‘polemicist’ deliberately doctored her age on her drivers license, Coulter quickly defused the question.

“There are apparently more than one Ann Coulter in this country. I don’t answer questions about myself,” she continued. “But I will say I’m not supposed to and I think like most public figures [I] don’t talk about anything that wouldn’t involve — that you would not want the most dangerous stalker to know or have. So I will not be answering private life questions. That’s why we call it a private life.”


After Coulter eventually shut down Morgan’s repeated attempts to persuade her to open up about her personal life, the two covered some of the more ‘inflammatory’ things Ann has said throughout the years.

See more of the interview in the clip below: