Xbox One Price Discounted If You ‘Ditch Your PS3’ … Good Luck With That, Microsoft

The Xbox One price will be cut by $100 if you “ditch your PS3,” according to a recent deal from Microsoft. Good luck with that.

Microsoft apparently knows they’re losing the PS4 vs Xbox One console war, and have been almost since the day their latest console was announced. Now they’re attempting to play dirty after appearing to be supportive of Sony’s efforts for a few months. When the PlayStation 4 was launched, Microsoft congratulated them. Sony was smart enough to only say what they needed to.

The Xbox One seems to have confirmed just about everything we feared about it as well. The DRM controls were never really taken out, as evidenced by an interrupted Killer Instinct tournament in New York City. The console launched with a faulty Blu Ray drive on some units, making it so it was only possible to download games because installing a disc wouldn’t work out of the box. Xbox Live Gold is still required to play multiplayer games online, while PlayStation Plus is not. There is also the issue of the hard drive being almost impossible to swap out, a problem which doesn’t exist with the PS4.

With a 500GB hard drive to store games almost measuring in at about 50GB each, it only makes sense to upgrade the hard drive.

The Xbox One price for a console with no extras is still $100 more than a PlayStation 4. This is where Microsoft apparently decided to try playing dirty to even the odds. They released an ad which states:

“Ditch your PS3 and get $100 store credit towards Xbox One.”

The promotion is only valid from January 23 through February 28, and it seems like a good deal until you really think about it. The console must be in perfect condition, with all of the original accessories included.

The Xbox One was a train wreck to begin with, which may be how the PS3 started out, but Sony’s console proved to have some of the best Blu Ray capabilities straight out of the box. It is even recommended by CNet if all you want is a Blu Ray player. Xbox One can’t guarantee the Blu Ray drive will even work.

The Xbox One price aside, it really isn’t worth it to trade in a machine that works for one you can’t be sure of. Before offering us a discount to trade in our PS3, Microsoft should make sure their console is actually an improvement, not just a prototype rushed out as a failed attempt to compete with Sony.

Nice try, Microsoft, but you should really try to update the console so it’s guaranteed to work properly before you offer gamers a discount to trade in a console that actually does what it’s supposed to.