Xbox One Error: Glitch In Windows 8 Update, BluRay Worst Of The Glitches

The Xbox One error E100 screen is bricking some consoles with the day one update, making it the worst Xbox One glitch found since the release date.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the worst of the PS4 glitches were some dead on arrival PlayStation 4 units that had faulty HDMI ports. There were even rumors and allegations that one PS4 glitch was due to sabotage by unpaid Foxconn interns forced to work in the assembly lines (Foxconn also makes parts for the Xbox One).

Many people began to fear the PlayStation 4 Blue Light Of Death, but fortunately the error light may have some easy to fix solutions. Sony has claimed these glitches have only affected thousands of PlayStation 4 units. Still, word got out, making some people fear any Xbox One error for today’s launch party (be aware that Xbox One Black Friday deals may offer better availability).

The good news is that Microsoft claims the Xbox One red ring fix should prevent any hardware failures similar to the Xbox 360, which was due to a GPU chip and heatsink separation issue caused by brittle lead-free soldering. The Xbox One will also dynamically alter the clock speed of its CPU and GPU based upon need. If temperatures are getting too high, the fan speed will go to maximum. Although Sony hasn’t said anything along the same lines, considering that the PS4 GPU and CPU are both also designed by AMD, this means that PlayStation 4 hardware failures will likely be prevented in a similar fashion.

The bad news is the Xbox One error E100 is completely bricking some consoles after downloading the Xbox One day one update, which is required for most system functionality. The system will get stuck in a loop where it keeps telling you to update but then reports there is a problem with the update. Unfortunately, according to Microsoft’s troubleshooting page the Xbox One error E100 is fatal and not repairable at home:

“This indicates that there was an issue while updating your hardware, and that you’ll need to submit your console for a repair.”

And, no, we didn’t misprint the title when we said the Xbox One runs Windows 8, although Microsoft hasn’t said whether the day one updates to Windows 8 are specifically causing the error E100 code. Technically, the Xbox One runs three separate operating systems. The main Xbox One operating system is focused on games and runs lean and mean. But the Windows 8 OS has been stripped down and is designed to run non-gaming Win8 apps like Skype and Hulu. The third operating system is based upon their hypervisor virtualization software and is responsible for controlling communications between the two software layers and allows multiple apps to run at the same time while the Xbox 360 was limited to one.

But another Xbox One glitch is affecting the hardware itself. Reports are saying the BluRay drive will make “a clicking or grinding noise after a disc is inserted and then just stops right there or spits the disc out. Either way, the console is seemingly unable to read the disc.” But disc drive hardware failures are expected to happen in any type of system, including the PS4, so it’s unlikely to be an impending sign of many Xbox One glitches of this type.

There have also been limited reports of a software-based Xbox One glitch causing a complete system failure during gameplay:

Despite any glitches, Xbox One reviews have been good. And experts warned everyone in advance to expect an Xbox One error or two. Are you happy with the Xbox One release date so far?

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