Demonic Possession: Indiana Mom Claims Home And Kids Possessed, Police Agree

A demonic possession is being claimed by an Indiana mom who believes both her son and home are under the control of evil spirits. Local police officers and a social services nurse who investigated the situation appear to agree. Latoya Ammons adamantly maintains that her 9-year-old son walked backwards up a wall and ceiling – an act allegedly witnessed by the nurses.

The Indiana mom told the media and a multitude of social and law enforcement staffers that all three of her children have shown signs of demon possession. The warning signs reportedly include the use of “strangely deep” voices, bulging eyes, and “evil” smiles. Ammons’ 12-year-old daughter allegedly levitated inside their Gary home.

The ghost story would not have likely made national headline and gone viral if Hammond Police Department Captain Charles Austin had not visited the home several times and ultimately become a believer in the demonic possession story. At first he thought the family was merely attempting to attract attention and perhaps make some quick cash by selling their story, but that all changed he spent some time inside the home and with the children.

Latoya Ammons and her family moved into the Carolina Street home in Gary during the end of 2011. It did not take long before reports of swarms of flies around the house, wet footprints on the living room floor, and other strange occurrences were reported.

The pre-teen daughter was first reported to have levitated in March 2012. The mom said she heard the girl screaming, ran to her room and saw the child unconscious several feet above her bed. Family and friends prayed above the levitating girl until she finally returned back on top of the mattress, remembering nothing of the ordeal.

latoya ammons exorcism

After Ammons contacted multiple churches and clairvoyants for help ridding the Indiana home of the demons, she was told that the house was haunted by more than 200 demons. Her youngest child also allegedly sat inside a closet and held full conversations with another child that no one else could see or hear. Rosa Campbell, Latoya’s mother who also lives inside the home, backs up the demonic possession claims.

Once the local social services agency became concerned about the mother, a psychiatrist evaluated the woman and reported that she was not mentally ill. Family case worker Valeria Washington confirmed that she has witnesses multiple instances of odd behavior of the children, include a young boy growling and his eyes rolling back in his head before walking up a wall onto the ceiling. A nurse also present at the time corroborated the accounting.

Ammons could not afford to flee the spooky rental home at the time. According to the terrified mother, the demonic spirits did not leave her loved ones alone until they moved away and underwent several exorcisms.

[Featured Image Via: Secondary Image Via: Hammond Police Department]