Casino Snakes In Bethlehem: Are The Rumors True?

You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, but have you ever heard of snakes at a casino? That’s the rumor which is circulating on Facebook about the Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

It may be a coincidence that the Chinese Year of the Snake is in its last days, being replaced by the Year of the Horse, but what’s that got to do with rumors that patrons at the casino are getting bitten by snakes?

Well, according to the Pennsylvania State Police, there are no casino snakes and the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. Trooper William Ortiz, who works at the Sands Casino Station, told reporters that there are: “absolutely zero snakes in this place.”

The whole thing started when a local resident visited the doctor as they thought they had been bitten by a snake. During their appointment the doctor asked, curiously, if the patient had been at the Sands Casino.

The casino released the following statement, claiming there are no snakes at the casino: “There have been no reported incidents of snakes on our property. We do not allow any animals on property with the exception of service animals,” they said.

A spokeswoman for the casino, Julia Corwin, commented that if there would have been a snake at the casino, everyone would’ve known about it: “If I saw a snake I would jump on a table. If there was any sighting of this there would be no way that we couldn’t know about it,” she said.

She continued that there was only one Facebook post about the casino snake which got misconstrued: “It seems like there was one post that was going around and then it’s been kind of modified in a bunch of different directions,” she said.

So it remains to be seen if the casino snakes rumor is true, where it came from, and what it’s all about. It just goes to show the power of social media when it comes to rumors being disseminated on the internet.