NYC Explosion: Gramercy Park Evacuated

An explosion in New York City was reported and breaking news details indicate law enforcement officers believe the Gramercy Park incident may not be an accident. The FDNY has confirmed the ongoing evacuation of a building located at 88 Lexington Avenue. The NYC explosion is believed to have occurred in the lobby of the building.

UPDATE – 1:05 pm: Breaking news updates about the NYC explosion now indicate that the incident was actually caused by a firecracker inside a box given to the doorman. Several local media outlets are also reporting that the blast noise may have been caused by a steam pipe bursting. No one is believed to have been injured during the incident.

A Facebook post on NYC Fire Wire reads:

“Manhattan *Explosion* Box 0649- 88 Lexington Ave. Div. 1 has a package exploded in the lobby, someone took the evidence up to the 16th floor. FD moving the staging area to E.26 St & Lex. NYPD investigating with Bomb Squad. No injuries reported. The NYPD Bomb Squad have made entry to Apt 16A and are now conducting a thorough search. FDNY are in a holding pattern. EMS Transmitting the MCI response to staging.”

The New York City Office of Emergency Management cautions drivers in the area to expect significant delays. The blocks around the scene are still closed as the investigation into the Gramercy Park explosion, or incident of some type, continues.

UPDATE 1:20 pm: Updated accounts about the NYC explosion indicate that some type of package exploded in the lobby and the presence of the bomb squad has been requested.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more details on this breaking news story and information becomes available.

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