NYC Crane Collapse: FDNY Responding To Construction Accident In Queens

5:40 pm UPDATE – The 380-foot mobile crane that collapsed in Long Island City today was owned by James Lomma. In 2008, Lomma was acquitted of criminally negligent homicide charges related to a crane collapse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The NYC crane collapse killed two construction workers, the New York Daily News notes.

3:49 pm UPDATE – Two injured workers were taken to the New York-Presbyterian Cornell hospital. Five victims were transported to the Elmhurst Medical Center, the New York Daily News reports. Investigators are still trying to determine what cause the large mobile crane to fail and come crashing down. One witness noted that the crane appeared to fold in on itself like an accordion, and the vertical tower appeared to simply snap in half. Preliminary news reports also indicate that the owner of the crane also had two other cranes collapse in the past.

New York City, NY – A crane collapse has been reported in Queens. The New York Fire Department was called to the scene of the crane collapse at approximately 3 pm on Wednesday.

It is not currently clear if the New York City crane collapse resulted in any injuries, according to the Breaking news alerts on Fox indicate that seven people were harmed when the large crane toppled in Queens.

The large mobile crane collapsed at a Long Island City construction site. The accident reportedly occurred behind the famous Pepsi sign south of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in the Hunters Point neighborhood.

A tugboat captain reports having heard a very loud bang before turning to see the boom crane come crashing down.

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