NYC Ferry Crash: Sea Streak Ferry Hits Manhattan Dock

10:33 am UPDATE – The injured passengers count is now up to 59, according to breaking news shared by Fox. At least one passengers is reportedly in critical condition and not expected to survive head injuries sustained during a fall down the stairs. Rescuers and emergency medical staff were allegedly using colored tags to denote the severity of the injuries during the Sea Streak Ferry crash. A second passenger is also allegedly in critical condition as a result of the New York City ferry accident. The cause of the crash is still unknown. Some witnesses and passengers who spoke with Fox News reporters stated the ferry appeared to be coming into dock too quickly and was unable to get stopped.

9:56 am UPDATE – At least 50 people are now thought to have been injured during the Sea Streak Ferry crash, according to the New York Post. The Coast Guard, NYPD, and FDNY are currently involved in rescue and investigation efforts. It is not yet know if any passengers went overboard in the chilly waters surrounding Manhattan.

The NYC ferry is reportedly stabilized and secured to the Lower Manhattan dock. The Sea Streak Ferry’s starboard side and front reportedly sustained heavy damage during the crash. There were reportedly 326 passengers on the ferry at the time of the accident.

A New York City ferry crashed at approximately 9 am this morning. At least a dozen passengers were reportedly injured and transported to the dock on stretchers. The extent of the injuries and cause of the NYC ferry crash are currently unknown.

The injured passengers from the Sea Streak Ferry have not yet been moved away from a staging area on the dock, according to Fox News breaking reports. The ferry slammed into a Lower Manhattan dock, according to a FDNY statement release.

The emergency notification system of New York City sent out an alert about the Sea Streak Ferry accident and warned commuters to stay away from the active scene and to expect travel delays.

The Sea Streak Ferry reportedly travels daily from the Atlantic Highlands and Conners Highlands in New Jersey to Pier 11 in Manhattan, My Fox NY notes.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more details about the NYC ferry crash as they become available.

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