January 24, 2014
Max Wade, Teen Who Stole Guy Fieri's Lamborghini, Gets Life In Prison

Guy Fieri may have lost, temporarily, his $200,000 yellow Lamborghini, but the Marin County teenager who stole it, Max Wade, just lost a large part of his life. Of course, stealing the Guy Fieri Lamborghini was not the only crime that Wade committed. He was also convicted of trying to kill the boyfriend of a girl on whom he had an unshakeable crush, San Francisco's ABC Channel 7 reports..

In fact, Wade's infatuation with then-17-year-old Eva Dedier of San Rafael, California — even though she was in the same car as her boyfriend Landon Wahlstom when Wade opened fire into it from a motorcycle narrowly missing them both — was so powerful that Wade continued to try to date her even after he shot at her.

Wade was sentenced to life in prison, plus 21 years and four months Thursday, after being convicted of the attempted murders and daring car theft in October. He is expected to come up for parole in about 17 years.

To steal celebrity chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini as it was parked in a San Francisco dealership, Wade rappelled from the roof of the building in a scene right out of Mission Impossible. The spectacular, March 18, 2011, burglary made Wade a kind of celebrity, The San Francisco Chronicle recounts.

As he sat in jail on his 18th birthday, some of his fans, wielding sledgehammers, made an attempt to break him out.

When he was arrested on April 28th, 2012, set up by the very girl for whom he was heart-wrenchingly lovestruck, Wade was planning another cinematic and dangerous crime — a takeover robbery of a prominent San Francisco jewelry store. But that potential attack was not a factor in his severe sentence, especially harsh on a youngster who was just 17 when he committed his crimes.

Wade was behind the wheel of the Guy Fieri Lamborghini when he drove to meet Dedier. He had earlier bluntly expressed his desire to have sex with her in a series of text messages.

At the instructions of police, Dedier canceled the meeting and cops trailed him back to a storage unit where he hid not only the car he ripped off from Guy Fieri, but the gun and motorcycle he used in the attempted shooting, according to an account of Wade's arrest in The Redwood Bark newspaper.

"He still is a very violent and sophisticated criminal," Prosecutor Yvette Martinez-Shaw told Channel 7. "This case is not about a Lamborghini, it's not about a celebrity, it's about somebody who came within inches of taking two teenagers lives."

Wade did not help his own case by boasting about the theft of the Guy Fieri car in text messages to friends, once declaring, "it doesn't get any better than boosting a lambo and picking up chicks at 17."