Dwayne Johnson: Green Lantern Or Lex Luthor In Batman VS Superman?

Patrick Frye

For Dwayne Johnson, Green Lantern rumors have been flying around a lot lately. But could Dwayne Johnson's Batman vs. Superman role be Lex Luthor? Or maybe The Rock will be helping the Justice League as the black version of the Green Lantern?

In a related story by The Inquisitr, Dwayne Johnson's WWE plans originally included The Undertaker vs. The Rock but unfortunately he was forced to quit that idea. It's also rumored that The Rock may play the hulking cyborg in Terminator: Genesis, a reboot of the sci-fi classic. While that's uncertain, we do know for sure Johnson will be starring in Seal Team 666, a Hercules movie (not the one that bombed out recently), and in 2015 he'll be in another movie called San Andreas.

The rumors surrounding the making of Batman vs. Superman have gotten fairly crazy. They can't even make up their minds on a title, which is why you see it flipped around so often. We do know the release date has been delayed at least a year although the exact reasons keep changing. Henry Cavill is definitely Superman, and Amy Adams will be Lois Lane, but otherwise all bets are off.

For example, Gal Gadot might be Wonder Woman, although there's also Evangeline Lilly and Olga Kurlenko. Even Ben Affleck as Batman is in jeopardy since the actor is threatening to quit. So sad... but I'm sure some Batman fans would prefer The Rock as the big bat even if he doesn't fit the role.

The role of the major villain is also a giant question mark. First we had some people claiming Bryan Cranston was Lex Luthor. Then it was Joaquin Phoenix. The rumors got even crazier when Denzel Washington was suggested as a black Lex Luthor. Then some people suggested Denzel will be the Green Lantern, although nothing was ever confirmed.

So why does anyone believe we might see Dwayne Johnson as the Green Lantern? This little birdy said so:

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) December 31, 2013

Speaking of which, Dwayne Johnson's Lex Luthor would be a dead ringer for the animated version of the Superman villain:


I mean, seriously, that's practically stealing the Dwayne Johnson's eyebrow raise and they happen to share the same shade of melanin. What do you think?