Dwayne Johnson In Terminator Reboot As An Android…Where’s Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Dwayne Johnson might be cast in the Terminator reboot as an android, according to rumors. But these Terminator 5 rumors are fairly old, and from before we knew Paramount planned on a remake, so what would this mean for the plot? Never mind, what about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, director Alan Taylor originally didn’t want to confirm his involvement with the Terminator reboot. Emilia Clarke may be cast as Sarah Connor in the Terminator reboot although nothing definite has been decided.

So far, there’s been a lot of rumors and speculation over whether the new Terminator reboot is actually a remake or an indirect continuation of the series based upon time travel. After all, the Star Trek reboot technically started everything over again, but it’s still connected to the original series via Spock.

But in the case of Star Trek, they’ve long acknowledged alternate universes as a plot device while with the Terminator movie that’s never been made clear (and if it did become certain, would probably make the story confusing). Either way, Paramount is calling the movie just “Terminator (2015),” so it seems obvious they’re rebooting in some fashion in hopes of creating a trilogy with the success of the recent Batman trilogy.

So Dwayne Johnson’s Terminator reboot casting has him playing a “new” android model designed by Skynet sent back into time to the 1940’s or 1950’s kill Sarah Connor’s parents. And the man who is there to protect her family is a friend of the family, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This epic battle is what apparently inspired Skynet to model a Terminator after Arnold, which brings us back to the future.

Having The Rock as the Terminator android would connect the movie back to the ideas of Terminator: Salvation in a fashion. This means this Terminator sequel wouldn’t be a strict remake. It also brings up the possibility of Johnson’s character be an almost unwilling participant in this death dance. Even more fun is the possibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger facing off against a younger Terminator version of himself.

Keep in mind, these ideas were an earlier version of the script, so it’s possible the Terminator reboot won’t involve Dwayne Johnson at all. But we do know there has to be some sort of time travel hijinks since the actors and actresses being considered for the roles of John and Sarah Connor are both in their 20’s. Although, it’s possible the pair never met and instead we’re treated to visions of the future under the wrath of Skynet.

In the end, it seems obvious the main Terminator role hasn’t been cast for certain. After all, even Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to be in the Terminator reboot according to a more recent quote:

“I would definitely love to join The ‘Terminator’ franchise with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, if I am offered the role. I would love to! Let’s see if the studio is interested. Thank you.”

So would Van Damme try to kill the Connors with his awesome splits?

Do you think Dwayne Johnson should be in the Terminator reboot at all, or should the director Alan Taylor bring back (pun intended) Arnold Schwarzenegger even if it’s done via CGI?

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