Kim Pham Video Death Leads To Arrest: She Died Over A Photobomb?

Following Kim Pham’s death, police officers have been trying to find the night club killers who became angry after an apparent photobomb from the woman disrupted their Kodak moment.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Kim Pham’s beating put her in the hospital and, although she was on life support, she was considered to be effectively brain dead. The doctors believed there was very little hope and she was being kept alive for organ donation.

While police had several suspects almost immediately due to all of the witnesses at the scene recording the night club attack on their phones, they still didn’t know what triggered such hate for certain. One friend has claimed to investigators that a woman became furious when Kim Pham and her friends cut in front of them just as they were taking a photo. This led to an argument which quickly escalated when this group of five beat Pham to the ground and began kicking her.

Kim Pham was an aspiring TV personality who helped raise support for tsunami victims in Japan and was very active on social media. She once wrote about the power of photos in people’s lives:

‘We are taught that with photos, we select the ones where smiles are fresh and forward — the good is often highlighted. As for your own life, don’t forget that sometimes the most beautiful lessons in life stem from the unconventional. The elevated focus on showing everyone how much of a superstar you are on social media is quite unnecessary. The greatest harm we can do to ourselves is to not take the chance.”

Police officials asked witnesses to hand over any cell phone video footage and that’s apparently how they tracked down one suspect:

“People have come forward that have provided us with videos and have come in. And provided statements that have given detectives enough information to believe that this person was involved in at least the physical part of this altercation…. Based on the info we have received, I can tell you we currently have one female in custody; she’s a female in her 20’s, she is a Santa Ana resident.”

The female suspect was booked with a charge of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. The remaining suspected killers of Kim Pham are listed as being two Hispanic males and two Hispanic females between the ages of 20 and 25. A $5,000 award has been offered to anyone who can provide more information that helps find the remaining suspects.

Friends of the family have been posting posters around the area asking people to help in the search. One person set up a donation page, but Kim Pham’s family says they don’t need any money and will return whatever is sent.