al-Qaeda Takes Over Yemen Coastal Town

A Yemen town has been completely overrun by al-Qaeda according to a recent report by Reuters. Zinjibar, a coast town in the country was overrun at a time when the terrorist group was said to be forming a tentative truce in Sanaa, the countries capital.

Some critics of the treaty say the fall of the town was a deliberate concession by president Ali Abdullah Saleh who has hoped to create more fears about the group and to gain support for his peace talks with the group.

As al-Qaeda made a hard push into the area an opposition leader said of the takeover:

“Security withdrew and left the city of Zinjibar to armed Islamic elements that looted government institutions.”

According to one resident:

“About 300 Islamic militants and al-Qaeda men came into Zinjibar and took over everything.”

The move will likely be a great area of discussion for world leaders as the town sits on the Arabian Peninsula, bordering both Saudi Arabia and a vital shipping lane for oil tankers.