Demi Lovato Explains People's Choice Absence, Takes Issue With Mean 'Fans'

Demi Lovato isn't happy with the way some of her so-called fans have treated her online.

Since the singer didn't make an appearance at the 2014 People's Choice Awards last week to accept the awards for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Music Fan Following in person, many of her fans were definitely a little irritated. Many felt it was essentially a slap in the face since fan votes resulted in the honors.

When Demi Lovato recently hopped on Twitter to check out reactions to the People's Choice Awards, she was a little shocked by how some of her supporters reacted to her absence. In her opinion, these supposed fans aren't exactly friendly.

"Just hopped online to check Twitter and some 'fans' are being really mean... I'm not at the PCAs (People's Choice Awards) because as I have stated before, I'm taking as much time off this month as possible... I haven't taken a substantial amount of time off in a long time and now I am," she explained.

The singer added, "Thank you for those who voted and understand why I am away... There are 'fans' who say they support me, then they hate on me, my personal life and my loved ones... And then there are my Lovatics! They are the Best fans an artist could ever ask for. I love you."

This certainly isn't the first time Demi Lovato has addressed her critics and detractors on the social media site. At the beginning of the new year, the former X Factor judge said she is completely focused on keeping things positive and healthy in 2014. Anyone who gets in her way will ultimately face the consequences.

Lovato wrote:

"Haters can only bother you if you aren't doing anything to prove them wrong. I can't sing? I'm singing on the treadmill and practicing my a** off. You think I'm fat? I'm already in the gym!!!!! You think I'm irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT... 2014 I'm GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody's gonna stop my grind… LET'S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!! #PUMPED."
The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer is taking a month off before heading out on the road for her "Neon Lights" tour. Lovato also said she might begin work on a new album at some point this year. However, she stopped short of revealing when that might happen.

What do you think about Demi Lovato's decision to skip the 2014 People's Choice Awards?