Demi Lovato Angry With Producers Over ‘X Factor’ Skit [Video]

Demi Lovato reportedly has a bone to pick with The X Factor producers over the skit that aired during Wednesday night’s finale.

If you skipped the last episode of the season, then you missed a segment that supposedly poked fun at Lovato and her previous struggles with addiction. According to the Daily Mail, the singer was “blindsided” by the skit and felt it mocked her past problems with alcohol.

The segment alleged that Demi Lovato favored something called “annoying juice,” a concoction she reportedly drank quite a bit during The X Factor auditions. The singer appeared a little upset as the skit played for the audience and viewers at home.

Since Lovato doesn’t treat her struggle with addiction lightly, she didn’t appreciate the producers having a bit of fun at her expense. An insider told Hollywood Life that the whole thing caught her completely off guard.

“She has had no issues with producers before. They were making a joke and didn’t intend for her to get so angry. She’s making it more of a big deal then intended,” the anonymous source explained.

TMZ points out that Lovato was reportedly caught saying “That’s f***ed up” as the clip shows her acting up during the auditions. The X Factor producers haven’t addressed the situation publicly as of this writing.

Shortly after Wednesday night’s finale of the singing competition wrapped up, Demi Lovato confirmed that she wouldn’t return next season. In addition to kicking off her Neon Lights tour, the singer hopes to release her album Demi at some point next year.

“I started the show being a singer and a musician, and so I’m going to go back to that. It’s been really great, but I’m so excited for 2014. I’m going to dedicate it completely and entirely to music — touring and making a new album. Possibly releasing one,” she told reporters.

However, Lovato wouldn’t say she’s going to sit around at home doing nothing. Demi added, “I wouldn’t call it I’m taking the year off… I’m getting ready to go on a bunch of tours that I’m planning and that I’ve announced. I’m going to start the Neon Lights tour, which is going to be an awesome show that I’ve never done before.”

Check out the skit in question below.

Are you a fan of Demi Lovato? What do you think about the “annoying juice” skit producers of The X Factor put together? Was it in poor taste?

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