Karrine Steffans On Lil Wayne: He Taught Me How To Love

Lil Wayne inspired Karrine Steffans to pen the book How to Make Love to a Martian.

The hip-hop model and author released the book through Steffans Publishing earlier this year. During her recent chat with 106 KMEL, the writer discussed her relationship with the rapper and how it provided plenty of material for her new tome.

Although she and Lil Wayne are no longer together, Steffans said they will likely remain good friends. The writer also stated that she still has love for the guy.

“I felt like if I don’t get this done now, and something happens to him or to me, the world would never know that or never believe that this story isn’t ‘Rap-star-meets-video-vixen.’ Ironically, he taught me how to love,” Karrine said during the interview.

Here’s what the Lil Wayne tell-all is all about:

“It explores the idea of an impossible love and the transposition of power that often occurs when the love of your life is so out of reach, no matter how close they may seem. It explores the concept of unconditional love, even to one’s detriment, and the loss of life that occurs all in the name of holding on to something and someone so completely unobtainable.”

Lil Wayne was also the subject of an essay Steffans posted on her blog earlier this year. The hip-hop video model listed several reasons why she is still madly in love with the rapper.

“He may not be all mine, he may not be the best, but he’s here even whenI’m not at my best. We say things, we do things, we hurt one another, other people hurt us but they don’t matter and our wounds heal when we’re together,” she wrote.

Karrine added, “I don’t care where he’s been and he cares nothing of where I was the second before I fall into his arms. I don’t share in his world and he doesn’t participate in mine. We create our own where only we live, love.”

Of course, the pair eventually went their separate ways.

How to Make Love to a Martian isn’t the only literary endeavor Karrine Steffans has to offer readers these days. In addition to the Vixen series, the writer said she has several books lined up for 2014. This reportedly includes a few comic books and a cookbook.

If you want to learn about one side of Lil Wayne and Karrine Steffans’ relationship, then pick up a digital copy of How to Make Love to a Martian. The book is out now.

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