Rapper Turk Slams Birdman, Lil’ Wayne, and Mannie Fresh

Remember the Cash Money ‘Hot Boys Reunion’ every fan has been waiting on for over 10 years? Well, it’s not likely to happen, and rapper Turk, has decided to weigh in on exactly why the concept was been canned. But here’s the kicker, Turk not only weighed in with his sentiments, but he actually went for the jugular against his former Cash Money label-mates in his latest WorldStarHipHop release.

While Turk’s camaraderie with Birdman and Lil Wayne has been highly publicized for years, the I Need a Hot Girl rapper revealed that things have actually been quite dysfunctional and unrequited for years. However, the situation took a substantial turn for the worse in light of his latest obstacle. Back in October, Turk reached out to the Cash Money / Young Money CEOs when his father, Tab Virgil Sr., passed. SOHH reports that the two ‘went ghost’. Turk went on to reveal that any and all plans of reuniting with the Hot Boys are on hold indefinitely.

But, the video isn’t all Turk had to say. He also refuted the claims he made in an interview with XXL Magazine. In that interview, the Turk spoke of receiving financial support from Carter IV rapper, Lil Wayne while incarcerated. Now, he claims that information is false. AllHipHop.com released an exclusive statement of Turk’s claims about Birdman, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh during his incarceration.

“I been calling texting you n—-s and ain’t receive no call bacc…I’m through trying to make you n—-s look real. When my lil brother got killed I had to bury him out of my attorney fee$ money and now it happend again with my daddy and I have bury him by myself with no help from you so called FRIENDS.”

Now surprisingly, Turk has also insisted that he has no problems with the two. However, the New Orleans-bred rapper would like to move forward in an effort to re-build his career as a solo artist.

“And a lot of people’s hopes are up high about a Hot Boy reunion. About this, about that, a lot of people have been misguided…I want everybody to know that it ain’t no beef. I still got love for them brothers,” Turk said on USG Radio. “I’m just moving forward without them. I’m doing me now — It’s no longer a Hot Boy reunion. Not in my eyesight. That ain’t gonna even happen.”

Turk’s career was on the rise with the release of his debut album which hit the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA. Unfortunately, the walls of success came tumbling down when Turk was hit with a weapons violation. The incident occurred when Turk’s apartment was raided. The raid led to a shoot-out with the Memphis, Tennessee S.W.A.T. Team, where two officers were injured. As a result, Turk served 9 years in prison.


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