Boxing Day Sales Will Be HUGE! 26th December will be Deal Day

Expect a line at the checkout on December 26th as America goes shopping!

Retailers are getting ready for a huge day on December 26th, they say that because it falls on a Monday, so there is no reason for anyone to stay at home with the family, like they did on Sunday December 26th last year.

Retailers will be in for a busy day as according to ShopperTrak a retail research company, old fashioned in-store shopping will be up a huge 60% from the day after Christmas in 2010, shoppers are expected to come and spend their gift vouchers while the sales are enticingly good and stocks last.

It makes sense in a weak economy to take advantage of sales, and apparently many families have decided to agree on postponing the actual gift-giving until after the Holiday in order to maximize the quality of the presents.

One of the ways which makes the most sense is to give a gift-voucher, while it allows you to leave a present under the tree it also enables the lucky recipient a chance to get some presents at Sale prices, and maximize their seasonal spirit.

Last year many high end designer labels and other clothing stores used some very exciting offers to pull customers into their stores on the day after Christmas, The GAP offered an incredible extra of 50% OFF on sale items in the store only until noon.

Amazon is already advertising post Christmas sales, with up to 70% OFF on some shoes and handbags, and it’s still not Christmas!

Retailers are nervous and eager to get their stocks cleared and their shelves emptied, “If you’re an apparel retailer, you want your shelves cleared by President’s Day weekend,” says industry tracker Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group. So they’re already lowering prices even before Christmas, but will continue to lower them until they’re back rooms are cleared for new fashions that will sell at full price.


But, it’s not just clothes. the Detroit Free Press has noticed that stores are already slashing prices, J.C. Penney, Jo-Ann and Crate and Barrel are discounting seasonal items like ornaments, trees and gift cards by up to 60%, as they really need to get rid of that stock, and nobody’s going to buy it next week.

The biggest bucks are being spent on electronics this year, the number one gift items include Sony’s new PlayStation 4 and the new Microsoft Xbox ONE, there’s also apparently a trend for more people to be buying SAMSUNG electronics than California based Apple’s products.

Samsung’s success is probably because of the significant price difference between the companies’ products. But technology analysts also think it’s a sign that people are getting more familiar and savvy with their smartphones and electronic devices and no longer rely on Apple’s simple user friendly interface to use these devices, meaning they can experiment with the slightly more complex, but much cheaper and flexible Android based, Google designed, operating system.

So, this Christmas ask Santa for some gift vouchers and a tent to camp outside the shops.