Tennessee Superfund Site Fire May Cause Explosion In Toxic Waste Dump

A Tennessee superfund site fire caused an evacuation due to fears of an impending explosion.

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At this point, some people might be wondering what exactly the Tennessee superfund site actually is, and why it exploding would be so bad. In actuality, they are the EPA’s attempt at making a pretty tame-sounding name for taking care of abandoned toxic waste dumps. So, unfortunately, superfunds are anything but super fun.

The cause of the Tennessee superfund site fire is apparently unknown at this point, and authorities have pulled the firefighters out for fear of an impending explosion. The industrial site apparently is housing two 1,000 gallon propane tanks that could potentially explode:

“If they were to explode, the blast radius could be pretty bad. People as far away as 205 meters, about 670 feet, would feel pain from the heat.”

The only goods news is that no injuries have been reported from the fire. But considering it’s a toxic waste dump that is burning, you’d assume the public health implications may be slightly dire. Witnesses report seeing pieces of boxes and plastic floating in the air among the ash from the Tennessee superfund site:

“We’re probably 10 or 12 miles from there, and I can see the smoke from where we’re at. It’s pretty high up. It looks like a big, black storm cloud.”

Hundreds of people living in the area have been evacuated, and schools were let out in order to avoid the toxic fumes from the blaze.

Right now authorities plan on letting the Tennessee superfund site fire burn itself out with hopes that it will be safe to approach some time on Thursday, December 19.

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