Ethan Hawke Gets ‘Total Recall’ Cameo

Ethan Hawke has signed on for a cameo role in the upcoming Len Wiseman remake of Total Recall.

The movie isn’t an exact remake, instead Colin Farrell plays the role of Quaid who is dealing with the fictional nation-states of Euromerica and New Shanghai. Quaid soon begins to believe that he’s actually a spy, although he isn’t sure what side he sits on.

The screenplay was created by Kurt Wimmer, James Vanderbilt and Mark Bomback.

Also in talks for roles are Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale who would play the female leads, while Bryan Cranston will play the movies villain.

The movie is set to debut in theaters on August 3rd, 2012, although a production start date has not yet been revealed.

Hawke’s role is believed to be very small.

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