Harvard Bomb Threat Disrupts Finals Week, Buildings Evacuated

A Harvard University bomb threat during finals week has caused the Ivy League school to evacuate four buildings. The Harvard University police department and Cambridge police department were on the scene with police dogs to sniff out the explosives.

Upon receiving the bomb threat, the school immediately evacuated the Science Center, Thayer, Sever and Emerson Halls. So far the explosives have been unconfirmed.

On a day full of tragedy across the world, Harvard University officials were being extra cautious. The atmosphere surrounding the campus not too panicked.

Ben Forman, an employee at the Harvard Book Store on Massachusetts Avenue, said, “It looks pretty relaxed out there actually. There is a gate closed into the yard, but its not panicked.”

Three of the four buildings border Harvard yard. How the bomb threat and subsequent evacuations will affect finals week remains to be seen.

Stay updated on the bomb threat through the Harvard University emergency website http://www.harvard.edu/emergency.