SlateSHIELD For iPad and iPad 2. The First Case You NEED To Own

Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 devices are great for users who don’t want to haul around a full-sized notebook or even a netbook, but for some users, myself included, they can also feel a bit awkward to hold for an entire day, almost uncomfortable actually, while protective cases often add bulk to the product, making them even more uncomfortable to hold in your hands all day. That’s where the SlateSHIELD from PPC Techs comes in handy.

The case, currently available for iPad users and launching for the iPad 2 in the next 30 days (Pre-Orders available HERE) offers a sleek case that not only keeps your iPad devices from bulking up, but also provides a comfortable (soft) and adjustable strap on the back of the case, making holding your gadget that much easier.

Here’s a look at the handstrap on the back of the SlateSHIELD:

The handle is capable of rotating 360° which allows for perfect viewing in both portrait and landscape modes or even askew viewing when deemed necessary. The rotation also means a users can take advantage of their iPad regardless of the position they are in at anytime, making it a nice add-on for field workers.

The case also offers an integrated stand on the backside which allows users to place their iPad on a hard surface and view their device in Landscape, Portrait and Typing Modes, making for convenient movie viewing, web browsing and even email composing. Heck, you could even turn the device into an oversized alarm clock when you travel if you’d like.

Here’s a look at several stand types:

The cases are also meant to withstand hard use and even harder falls, made from Reinforced ABS materials, the same material used in NFL Players football helmets. The ABS based material wraps around all corners and edges of the unit ensuring your protected from scratches and chips to your device. Pair the case with a PPC Techs WriteShield screen protector with Anti-Glare technology and you have a fully protected device that works better in sunlight than any other iPad case you’ll find on the market.

The version shown on this page is for the iPad 2, however the iPad 1 case, much in the same fashion is compatible with the iPad Dock, allowing for quick access to all parts of the device without any need to remove your unit from the case to access buttons and ports.

Users will also enjoy the ability to flip their iPad and iPad 2 devices around, protecting the screen while they travel. Purchase a protective skin for the back of your iPad and you ensure a longer screen life with no permanent scratches to the back of your device. The first photo at the top of this page shows the case device turned around in the SlateSHIELD case.

Finally, the front of your iPad is fully shown on the case, allowing you to fully navigate the screen and access the Home Button. The picture below showcases the screen with a WriteSHIELD screen protector.

You can purchase the iPad case now and Pre-Order an iPad 2 case at

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