Daycare Center Brawl Under Investigation In Georgia [Video]

daycare center brawl under police investigation

A wild daycare center brawl in Georgia is now under investigation by state officials in the Department of Early Care and Learning.

The incident actually happened about a year ago, but the surveillance video (see embed above) has apparently just surfaced, prompting the government probe.

A spokesperson for the state agency claimed the incident was never reported by the daycare operator, parents, or local police.

The footage of the melee, the cause for which is reportedly subject to dispute, even appears to show a father involved in the altercation holding his one-year-old baby in his arms.

In describing what happened at the McGarity School of Prep in McDonough, Ga., Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports “Police said surveillance video from inside the baby room of [daycare center] shows the owner, Ericka Broadway, another worker and a parent hitting each other in a room full of babies. Police said parent David Gray threw the first punch after he grew upset following a meeting about his oldest son getting suspended from the center.”

The video also depicts another baby getting almost trampled in the scuffle.

Although local police arrested Gray at the time for battery and disorderly conduct, charges were recently dropped. Gray told investigators that the owner hit him first according to the police report and that the owner was unwilling to allow him to leave the premises. The owner, in turn, claims that Gray was the aggressor, and she was acting in self-defense.

The father has urged the state to investigate the daycare center.

If deemed appropriate, the agency can impose various sanctions “including implementing technical assistance to revoking its license.”

Of the Georgia daycare brawl incident, Gray’s attorney said that “[We have] concerns about the health and safety of the children and whether these employees have the appropriate temperament to supervise and care for them.”

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