Florida Orphan, Davion Only, Spending Christmas With Prospective Family

Davion Only, the Florida orphan who made national news with his plea to find a family who will love him, may have gotten his wish! According to reports, Davion will be spending the Christmas holidays with a prospective family.

ABC News stated that Davion, 15, recently moved in with a prospective family, and has plans to further get to know them over the holiday season. Terri Durdaller, a spokesperson for Eckerd, the Florida adoption agency handling Davion’s case, said that even now there are many interested in knowing more about how his story has moved forward. However, the agency will not be releasing any further information.

The Inquisitr reported on Davion’s story when it first hit national news, stating that the boy was born in prison and was taken from his mother and placed into foster care within days of his birth. After doing some research on his own, Davion came across the his mother’s obituary that stated she had died only weeks before he began searching for her.

“While attending her memorial service, he had an opportunity to meet the family he never knew. The relatives did not qualify as suitable guardians. However, they left the teen with an important message; they assured him that he is loved.”

It was at that point that Davion knew he wasn’t going to give up on his search for his “forever home.” His plea became national news as he explained that he didn’t care what the age or race of the family was, he only wanted to become a part of a family. One that would love him like he was their own.

Well, that wish could be coming true. After his plea went viral, St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church was flooded with calls from families interested in adopting Davion, and now he gets to spend some time getting to know a prospective family. Davion Only could be on the road to getting the one thing he’s always wanted: a family to call his own.

[Image via Shutterstock/Oleksii Sagitov]