Candy Crush Dreamworld Expansion Includes Massive Overhaul

Candy Crush Dreamworld

Candy Crush Saga remains one of the most popular and addictive games available for Android, Facebook, and iOS, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Wednesday’s “Dreamworld” update includes a massive overhaul, which will allow fans to enjoy the game with a new perspective.

Players who have completed the first 50 levels of the original game will have the option of escaping into “Dreamworld,” which is hosted by Odus the Owl. In the new world, Odus is perched on a blue moon, which is controlled by two specific colors. As reported by Kotaku, the two colors must remain in balance throughout each of the 65 new levels.

If the moon’s colors remain in balance, the Candy Crush Dreamworld will grant the player a Moon Struck power, which will clear the entire screen of one color. If the moon’s colors get out of balance, Odus will fall from his perch.

Candy Crush Saga was developed It was released on Facebook in spring 2012, quickly becoming one of the most successful Facebook games in history.

The candy-matching game starts out simple; the player must identify groupings of three matching candies. As the game progresses, challenges are presented in the form of chocolates and warp spots. As the game is limited by a specific number of moves and lives, completing the more challenging levels can take days, or even weeks.

Developer Tommy Palm said that the nature of the game is attractive to those seeking a simple, yet challenging game. As reported by the game was developed to appeal to women between the ages of 25 and 55. However, it has proven to be popular with both men and women of all ages — including adolescents and teens.

Fans who have waited months for an expansion are sure to enjoy Candy Crush Dreamworld. However, the developers warn that game may be even more addictive with the additional world.