Candy Crush Cheat Gives Unlimited Lives, Here’s How

A Candy Crush cheat purportedly supplies you with unlimited lives if one commenter on a blog is to be believed.

Yes, if the only thing that stopped your Candy Crush habit was running out of lives and being forced to do the dishes, parent, run errands and clean resulted, we’ve got good/bad news.

Not Candy Crush players ourselves, we can’t speak to the veracity of the Candy Crush unlimited lives cheat. But as far as we understand, you people will do anything short of selling crack for more turns, so we figured we’d let you in on the mobile version secret that’s harming productivity across the land.

As noted by commenters as well, as soon as this Candy Crush cheat is discovered, it will likely be patched so people keep haranguing their friends to level up or buying expensive lives to keep crushin’.

Business Insider tipped us to the Candy Crush cheat for unlimited lives, and it seems anyone with an iPhone can do it:

“When you start the game, you get five lives. If you lose a life, it will refresh for free after 30 minutes. But if you’re completely out of lives and you absolutely cannot wait to play another game, you can purchase a full set…. But all you have to do is change your clock forward on your iPhone. And voila, a full set of lives! We assume this trick would also work on an Android device, or any other device you’re crushing candies on.”

So, Candy Crush cheat users and addicts — have you tried out this unlimited lives hack? Does it work? Are you too busy playing unlimited Candy Crush to tell us in the comments?

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