Rock Star Ian Watkins Begged Fan To Abuse Her 10-Year-Old Daughter

Rock star Ian Watkins, singer for the LostProphets band, has been arrested for trying to persuade a fan and lover to abuse her 10-year-old daughter and let him have sex with her.

Watkins said that if she let him “f**k her,” he would DJ at the child’s next birthday party for free.

The woman, in her twenties, had an ongoing sexual relationship with Watkins who flew her around the world to the various venues where he was performing.

On a Skype call between Watkins and the woman, he was masturbating as she watched before he asked her to get her daughter from the other room so she could watch him too.

The woman told reporters: “He mentioned my daughter – she would have been 10 – and that’s when I was like ‘Oh my God, you need help and we can’t talk ever again. You’ve really crossed the line now by talking about my daughter.”

The clearly disturbed rock star even took things further by suggesting to the woman that she have a baby with him so he could sexually abuse the child.

She continued: “In 2010 he mentioned that he wanted to have a baby because he wanted to raise it to be evil like me and him – apparently, I’m evil now too. A year later he said he wanted us to have a baby so he could have his way with the baby and my daughter could watch how it’s done.”

When enough was enough the woman decided to break the relationship off with Ian Watkins: “He was obsessed with the ‘dark side’ and wanted to go to hell. He used his power to push the limits. I guess it was all the drugs – he just went way, way, way too far,” she said.

In one worrying message Watkins seems to acknowledge that he had a problem: “The more drugs I do the filthier I am and the younger I get – it’s a curse,” he texted.

It remains to be seen what punishment Ian Watkins will receive when the case finally comes to trial.

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