Updated: Osama bin Laden killed in ground operation in Pakistan

President Barack Obama is expected to make a statement at approximately 11:10 PM EST tonight, and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has confirmed that the statement is believed to be that alleged September 11th mastermind and head of Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden has died.

Ahead of the statement, CNN has disclosed that bin Laden may had died in an airstrike in a mansion outside Islamabad, and that some bin Laden family members may have been killed. It was disclosed that bin Laden’s death was due to “actionable intelligence” received by the US.

11:35, statement begins. President Obama begins discussing the impact of September 11th on Americans.

11:39 Bin Laden was located in a compound outside in Pakistan. A “small team of Americans… took care to avoid civilian casualties,” and engaged in a firefight, ending in said Americans taking custody of bin Laden’s body.

11:42 Obama: “Justice has been done.”

11:44: Obama: “America can do whatever we put our mind to.”

11:45 The speech is over, after Obama thanks Pakistan for its cooperation.