Stolen Camera Finder- does what it says on the tin

Had an expensive piece of kit lifted from your bag on the subway or at an airport?

If you suspect your camera was stolen and are curious as to its eventual fate, a site called “Stolen Camera Finder” could help you locate it. It may not help you get it back, but if another person uploaded images from your camera to the web, you might at least be able to track it down.

Stolen Camera Finder mines the web for EXIF data in uploaded images- one that could lead to an image on a site like Facebook or Flickr that was taken using your camera. In the off chance it was taken by a shady acquaintance, you could confront them with the proof and maybe they’ll be scared enough to give it back.

A smattering of images taken from my own and friends’ cameras I quickly dragged and dropped into the site’s easy to use interface didn’t turn up any hits- interesting, because some come from the camera of a known snapper and sharer. Have you given Stolen Camera Finder a spin? Were there any hits for your camera’s pics?

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