Scotland Yard: Reports of cellphone signal jamming at Royal Wedding ‘rubbish’

Initial reports that the Royal Wedding would be safe from the twittering masses due to cellphone jamming plans in place are apparently not true, according to officials in charge of wedding security.

It was initially reported that there would be signal-blocking technology implemented from early Friday at Westminster Abbey to prevent information leaks and the possibility of noisy cellphones going off during the ceremony:

The move was suggested by senior members of the royal family and approved by police and security personnel over the last few days, and also met with the approval of television broadcasters keen to avoid any unfortunate sightings of guests on their phones — or even untimely ringtones disrupting the service… A police official confirmed to Yahoo! on Wednesday that the blocking technology will be in place from early Friday morning and will remain switched on for the entirety of the ceremony.

The information seems to be incorrect, however. CBS News spoke to local authorities to confirm the rumor, and an official dismissed it:

Met police spokesman Eddie Townsend said Thursday morning, “The story is not true, rubbish.”

Chatter about the huge event is already reaching a fever pitch on social media, with “Westminster Abbey,” “William & Kate” and “#royalwedding” all trending a day ahead of the event on Twitter.

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