Sandra Bullock Thinks Life Is A Series Of ‘Disastrous Moments’

Sandra Bullock doesn’t always have the most positive outlook on life.

Although the folks over at Entertainment Weekly recently named the Gravity star Entertainer of the Year, Bullock believes that life definitely comes with a series of serious ups and downs. In her humble opinion, you have to enjoy those special moments while you can.

“When people are like, ‘Life is good,’ I go, ‘No, life is a series of disastrous moments, painful moments, unexpected moments, and things that will break your heart. And in between those moments, that’s when you savor, savor, savor,’” she recently explained.

Although Sandra Bullock watched helplessly as her marriage to Jesse James crumbled back in 2010, the actress decided to focus on her son and her career. Judging from the award-winning actress’ comments, she’s perfectly happy with the way her life has turned out over the past few years.

Not only did she set the box office ablaze with her hit comedy The Heat, she’s also generating a substantial amount of Oscar buzz for her turn in the sci-fi drama Gravity. All in all, Bullock seems to have gotten her life back on a positive track.

While she hasn’t ruled out of the possibility of finding love at some point down the road, the actress isn’t making it her top priority right now.

“If [a relationship] should come along, great. But I feel like I’m not missing anything yet. Maybe one day I will. But my son is 3 years old, which is an amazing age. Four is an even better age. So if something happens, great, but if not, I’ve got plenty to do,” she told EW.

Sandra Bullock Entertainer of the Year

Sandra Bullock also believes that people should focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. In fact, that seems to be her recipe for success.

“We’re all where we’re supposed to be. I am exactly where I want to be now. You can’t go backward. I’m not going backward. I’m grateful that I’m here, blessed to have what I have. Nobody can be prepared for anything,” the actress told Vogue back in September.

So what’s next for Sandra Bullock? Although she was reportedly in talks to co-star in the Annie remake, she ultimately turned down that project. Fans of the actress can catch her next in the Despicable Me spin-off Minions. The film opens in July of 2015.

Are you a fan of Sandra Bullock? Do you agree that life is just a series of “disastrous moments” filled with experiences that we have to savor?

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